Disclaimer: Safety First

Disclaimer: Safety First

Serious injuries and illnesses should never be treated without seeking expert advice.
Use your instincts and common sense, if you are worried call for help first.
Then give the appropriate remedy while you are waiting for help to arrive.

*** If in doubt check for these WARNING SIGNS. ***
If the person you are treating has any of the following seek immediate expert medical help

* Backache, or fever, with urinary infection, bleeding

* Heavy or unexplained breathing, rapid shallow

* Burns, severe or larger than your hand

* Chest pain

* Severe confusion, following trauma or over-exposure to the sun

* Unconsciousness, lost or impaired power to reason

* convulsions delirium

* Dehydration, especially in babies, small children and elderly (see note on how to check for dehydration)

* Drowsiness with unexplained or unexpected headache

* Severe fever, above 103.5F / 39.6C or persistent or with stiff neck

* Fluid oozing from any part, watery/bloody, from ears or nose, following head injury

* Loss of limited range of movement

* Puncture wounds, near vital organs

* Speech, lost or impaired

* Stool, pale or white

* streaks of red lines running towards body

* Swelling, rapid or severe (especially of mouth or throat) * Loss of Thirst, prolonged with fever or diarrhea or with vomiting

* Urine, profuse or scanty or bloody

* Unexpected and repeated wheezing,

* Severe yellowness, of skin or eyes

* Vision, lost or impaired

Never treat serious injuries or complaints without expert help. Note and avoid treating serious de-generative diseases that is frequently recurring symptoms:

* Skin symptoms (including warts and verucas)

* Asthma; hay fever

* Persistent constipation or abdominal pain

* Ulcers; lumps and bumps (apart from bruises)

All the above symptoms require first the immediate consultation with a qualified medical expert, then and only then make sure to receive a constitutional treatment by a qualified homeopath.